Race Car Specialty Products

Don’t get smoked by the competition! Keeping the driver cool is almost as important as keeping your car cool. A hot driver can be fatigued and make mistakes. Beat the heat; check out ways to keep your cool right here.

Floor Shield

Floor Shield

Our HP Floor Shield is an excellent way to insulate against heat. Flexible construction makes it a g...

Turbo Covers

Lava Turbo Shield

Lava Turbo Shield

reduces turbo lag while protecting other engine components and reducing underhood temperatures. Lava...

Stealth Turbo Shield

Stealth Turbo Shield

Retaining heat inside the turbo can not only lower under hood temperatures up to 40%, but it can also...

Spark Plug Boots

boot shield

Boot Shield

protect your motor and expensive plug wire sets! Featuring a 304 stainless steel and ceramic insulat...

lava boot

Lava Boot Shield

feature a no-fray cuff with a flexible dual-wall high-temperature basalt sleeving with a 1,200-de...

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